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Edmonton, Alta– July 22, 2012:
Scott Steckly had a dominant start and frustrating end to the Edmonton 100 over the weekend. Kicking off the race in pole position after a record-setting qualifying time, #22 hoped to secure his first career win on a road course.

Steckly’s Canadian Tire Dodge showed signs of brake troubles early on in the weekend at the Edmonton City Centre Airport, but with two days of practice and a total commitment by the team, they successfully sorted them out. On Saturday, his vehicle was undeniably dominant during qualifying and set a track record: 85.003 MPG / 95.545 seconds.

On Sunday, #22 had a vigorous start to the main event under ideal race conditions. Steckly earned pole position with his record-setting qualifying time. The Canadian Tire Dodge quickly became the frontman with ease and maintained the lead for laps 1 – 29. Steckly made a slow push as the race advanced and continually added to his lead over second place, at times grabbing hold of a comfortable four-second margin.

However, a late race caution put his comfortable lead in danger. As the field clustered together for the restart, #84 quickly challenged Steckly, but caution was again waved for another incident. On the final restart of the afternoon, #84 made a second challenge at race leader Steckly and this time made contact with #22’s Canadian Tire Dodge.

“He definitely got a run on me, but I was pinched up against the wall as close as I could get, but he got into me and I was a pinball spinning across the track,” Steckly explained after the race. “It’s a shame when you clearly have the dominant car and get run into like that.”

Steckly managed to shake off the incident, but there weren’t enough laps remaining in the contest to battle back for his top spot. #22 closed out the race earning 4th place, but still moving into 2nd place in the overall standings with 239 points.

The Edmonton 100 will premiere on TSN2 on Saturday, July 28 at 3 p.m. ET and on RDS2 on Wednesday, Aug. 22 at 10 p.m. ET.

Next up for the 22 Racing/Canadian Tire Dodge team will be at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway in Saskatoon on Wed. July 24th.



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